Over two centuries passed without machinations from the Prime Evils until the human king, Leoric chose Tristram for his domain. Unbeknownst to Leoric, a malevolent force lurked beneath the village - the imprisoned Lord of Terror, Diablo!

Archbishop Lazarus was once a blessed and righteous man until he became an archbishop. Power and wealth corrupted him through the years and transformed him into a vicious man! His true intentions however were not yet revealed to the king and his people... 

From the very beginning, Lazarus who was the King's most trusted advisor, insisted on establishing the new kingdom of Kandhura's to Tristram due to the presence of an ancient Horadric cathedral, rumored to contain rare, Horadric tomes of divine knowledge and power! 

While descending deep beneath the cathedral's levels, Archbishop Lazarus felt sick and disoriented. After a while he felt the weak effort of a strange force trying to take over his mind! Seduced by that strange force, he was drawn to the very depths of the cathedral where he found a strange artifact: Diablo's Crimson Soulstone! 

After performing a dark ritual from an ancient tome from the Horadric library, he weakened the warding enchantments of Diablo's Soulstone! Afterwards he returned to the village to manipulate king Leoric and serve his dark master's plan.

Eventually the confines of Diablo's crimson soulstone weakened and the lord of terror was able to reach into the minds of the king and the townsfolk above. Under the demon's influence a lot of people were possessed and did not survive the required exorcisms performed by Tremain the priest!

With his true master freed, Lazarus endeavored to bend his king to demonic ends! He whispered him of an imaginary threat from the nearby country of Westmarch leading the monarch to dispatch his eldest son, the warrior prince Aidan with an army. The forces of Aidan failed against Westmarch and he was forced to return battered back to Tristram with a few remaining knights.

While Leoric was left maddened by Diablo's unsuccessful possession, Lazarus abducted the distracted king's youngest son, prince Albrecht so that Diablo could possess the child and regain his physical form!

In his madness, Leoric blamed everyone for his missing child and had them brutally executed for conspiring against his dynasty! So many innocent people died that period and the former righteous king turned slowly into a fiend that executed his own wife and queen without giving a second thought along with other nobles and priests of the clergy. 

One of his most trusted knights, Lachdanan was forced to kill Leoric in order to stop his madness... Meanwhile, Diablo drank in the child's terror and the evil beneath Tristram began to spread within the Horadric cathedral! 

In his dying breath, the king called down a terrible curse upon his former followers! He vowed that Lachdanan, Sir Gorash and the other remaining knights will serve him in darkness forever! Diablo rewarded the mad king of Tristram for condemning his followers by resurrecting him as the Skeleton King!

After his return, Aidan vowed to save his brother and cleanse Tristram! Adventurers from all over the world were drawn to Aidan's quest... 

Lazarus was slain beneath Tristram and Aidan challenged Diablo who had possessed Albrecht's body, twisting it into a harrowing monstrosity!

Aidan destroyed Diablo's manifestation but he could not destroy the soulstone... Fearing that Diablo would remain free to corrupt more innocents, Aidan resolved to contain the demon by plunging the stone into his own forehead!

Weary Aidan returned to Tristram but the town's celebrations did nothing to calm the dark essence that haunted his soul! Deckard Cain believed that his ordeal had been so terrifying that he could not withstand his horrid memories within the labyrinth! The enigmatic witch, Adria was the only person that could ease his suffering however... While staying within her hut, Aidan and Adria unexpectedly became lovers and she became pregnant with his child!

The warrior prince soon departed in secret, heading to the east in search for answers and salvation against the malevolent force that was slowly transforming him into his worst nightmare!

Adria also left the village after his departure and shortly after, the forces of darkness destroyed the village of Tristram living no survivors except the Horadrim scholar, Cain...