• Enhanced graphics & Resolution, new monsters, items, quests, skills, spells, animations!
  • New levels, lore, add ons, menus, battle mechanics, weapon crafting, personal stash, merchants!
  • This Edition includes a Virtual Disc of the original Diablo game in which the included Beelzebup Mod can be applied as an enhancement in order for you to experience this magnificent Diablo remake!

A Module created with the Neverwinter Nights Toolset, inspired by the Diablo series! In order to play you need to download and install the Neverwinter Nights game by pressing the logo button below!

The revolutionary RPG Engine from which the majority of the late 2010's RPG games based their gameplay mechanics and set up. Great oldschool graphics, fighting system, gore effects,  animations and impressive sprites and spells from the Forgotten Realms list. Download the Gold Edition and enjoy the Neverwinter Nights original campaign and its mods!